Featured Recyclers & Dismantlers

Switch Out would not be successful without the participation of recyclers and dismantlers. The efforts of all who participate are very much appreciated and we are proud to highlight the following companies.

Brighton Recycling Inc. – Brighton, Ontario

After two decades working in the scrap metal recycling industry, Scott Blackburn decided it was time to start something himself. Despite being in the middle of a recession, he purchased a 6 acre auto yard in Brighton, Ontario in January of 2009. And with that, Brighton Recycling was born.

“When we came here, we wanted to do every single thing right from day one. We believed the business would prosper naturally from there” said Scott. He realized the importance of being an active environmental steward, and joined the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, Ontario Tire Stewardship, the Ontario Electronic Stewardship and, of course, the Switch Out program.

The 10-person staff at Brighton Recycling work as a close-knit team and are all on board with Scott’s mission. “Everyone that works here is very conscientious of the environment”, said Scott, proudly. Since joining the Switch Out program, Brighton Recycling has returned switches at least twice a year.  To date they have collected 379 switches – the equivalent of 322.39 grams of mercury! Keep up the fantastic and exemplary work!

Pièces d’Autos Usagées Saint-Mathieu – Beloeil, Québec

After 20 years of running an auto recycling business in Montreal, Éric and Lucie decided it was time to leave the big city and start something new. In 2008, they decided to opened a new recycling facility in Beloeil, Québec – a small city 32 kilometers of Montréal that derives its name from the old French expression “Quel bel oeil” (meaning, “What a beautiful view!”). 

What makes Pièces d’Autos Usagées St. Mathieu and its staff unique is their commitment to environmental stewardship. “Everything that’s a contaminant is recycled, always” says Lucie. The company joined Switch Out in 2010 and since that time, Lucie and her 10 employees have been active participants.  “Our staff understands the value of the program. They have kids, and that motivates them.” 

Since Éric and Lucie took over their family business and joined Switch Out , 33 mercury switches – amounting to approximately 28.5 grams of mercury – have been kept out of our air, water and soil.  Thanks to the team at Pièces d‘Autos Usagées St. Mathieu for your ongoing and commendable efforts in Switch Out!


Blacky’s Auto Recycling Ltd. – Duncan, British Columbia

Blacky’s Auto Recycling Ltd. has been serving the greater area of Duncan, British Columbia for over 50 years.  John Blackham Sr. opened the business the same year that four young lads from Liverpool formed a band called “The Beatles”.   John Jr., who worked in the yard as a young boy, eventually took over the business in 1975 and has grown the business into an 8 acre property that processes around 250 ELVs a year.

Vancouver Island is a pristine and world renowned area for fishing, particularly Salmon. In fact, the mouth of the Cowichan River – which lies less than kilometers west of the Blacky’s property – is known as “the Fly Fishing Capital of Canada.” John and his crew understand the impact that mercury can have on the fish they catch and are committed to keeping it out of the lakes and ocean that surround them.

As a result, Blacky’s has a long-standing history of environmental protection and is an active participant in the Switch Out program. Since 2009, they have recycled 369 mercury switches, keeping a praiseworthy 313 grams of mercury out of the surrounding ecosystem.  Keep up the great work, Blacky’s!

Pièces d’Autos Baie Comeau – Baie Comeau, Québec

Harold Pelletier and Marjolaine Dupuis have been in the recycling business for over 20 years. In 1992, they opened a cardboard and metal recycling facility in Baie-Comeau, Québec and soon after started recycling vehicles for parts.

In 2000 they stopped recycling cardboard to focus exclusively on vehicle repair, recycling, towing and the sale of new and used auto parts. They run this expansive operation with a total of 30 staff members, 8 of which are devoted solely to the auto recycling operation. Pièces d'Auto Baie Comeau currently processes about 400 cars each year in their 1.8 acre facility.

Harold and Marjolaine decided to participate in the Switch Out program because of their belief that it is important to keep toxic and dangerous materials out of the environment. They safely dispose of all the hazardous materials that come from end-of-life vehicles including oil, chlorofluorocarbons, and of course mercury. Thanks to their environmentally sound business practices, they are certified at the silver level by Clé-Verte, a Québec-based environmental organization. In addition to being part of this organization, they maintain a competitive edge by belonging to ARPAC and AMVOQ , two industry associations. Pièces d'Auto Baie Comeau has collected 316 mercury switches to date and have kept 268 grams of mercury out of the environment.  Switch Out salutes this business for their ongoing participation and commitment to the environment.


Cariboo Auto Recyclers – 150 Mile House, British Columbia

In 1954, Rennie Johnson’s father opened Lakeside Service and Auto Body - a body shop and towing facility in Williams Lake.  In 1965, the body shop was sold and the Johnson family opened Cariboo Towing and Auto Parts in 150 Mile House, BC.  When the business refocused and the towing operation was sold, it became known as Cariboo Auto Recyclers – a name the business holds to this day. 

Rennie joined the family business straight out of high school, and since then has become the man in charge of the operation.  Rennie and his younger brother Dean have preserved the family business and along with their staff of five, they process 200 cars per year in their seven acre yard.  The entire team at Cariboo Auto Recyclers has embraced the Switch Out program wholeheartedly; and considers the proper disposal of each switch a personal responsibility. They continue to participate in the Switch Out program because they pride themselves on being an environmentally conscious business.  Despite their deeply rooted history, they have recognized the environmental impact of some old school practices, and have adapted innovative eco-conscious methods.

As a member of ARA, Cariboo Auto Recyclers pride themselves on the cleanliness that they maintain in their facility, and the orderly fashion in which they complete each and every task.  It is simple but valuable business practices like this that give Rennie’s operation that sharp competitive edge.  Since joining in 2008 as one of our early members, Cariboo Auto Recyclers has kept 158.5 grams of mercury out of the environment.  Switch Out commends this recycler for their dedication to the environment!


Archived Features

Sale Salvage – Whitehorse, Yukon

In 1983, Wayne Sale cleared 14 acres of bush by hand to make way for Sale Salvage.  This thriving recycling business is located just outside Whitehorse at Carcross Corner, a major turnoff on the Alaska Highway.

Sale Salvage is one of the Yukon’s only auto recycling facilities and as such they receive end-of-life vehicles from as far away as Old Crow, YT and Skagway, Alaska.  In addition to processing about 1,400 ELVs each year, Wayne and his team of 5 staff also do estate clean-ups and ensure that all the ferrous and non-ferrous metals on site are recycled.  When Wayne started the business almost 30 years ago, he was perceived as a junk collector but today Sale Salvage is recognized as a recycling facility that plays an important role in the community.

Wayne and his team ensure that every vehicle they receive is thoroughly de-polluted before a crush takes place and that all mercury switches are removed.  Wayne keeps a copy of Switch Out’s program materials on the break room coffee table so his team can always double check which vehicles contain switches.  Switch Out would like to thank Sale Salvage for their commitment to the environment and their participation in the program since 2009!

Brown’s Auto Salvage – Kingston, Nova Scotia

Tim Brown and his father Lawson opened Brown’s Auto Salvage Ltd. in 1975 and for over 35 years their business has been a fixture in the Annapolis Valley.  Brown’s is truly a family business – today Tim’s son Christopher manages the yard and looks after vehicle dismantling.

Tim and his team process about 500 vehicles each year at their 10 acre facility and accept both older and newer model vehicles for recycling.  Since many of these vehicles are within the age range that could contain mercury, the dismantlers are always on the lookout for mercury containing switches.  According to Rolly Pemberton, a longtime employee at Brown’s, the staff are all dedicated Switch Out participants.  Many Maritimers get their drinking water from aquifers so they want to keep the groundwater as pristine as possible.  Given the importance of seafood and fishing to the local economy, they want to do everything they can to keep the environment mercury-free. 

Customers at Brown’s Auto appreciate the company’s longtime participation in Switch Out, as well as the warm welcome they get from the staff.  Brown’s treats their customers as if they were family and many clients come back to do business with them year after year.  Switch Out commends Brown’s Auto on their strong program participation and wishes them many more years of success!

Central Metals – Gander, Newfoundland

For almost 35 years, Central Metals has been buying and responsibly recycling ferrous and non-ferrous scrap in Newfoundland.  Ralph Templeman started the business in 1978, and today this 5 acre facility employs a total of 10 staff.

Although the business is located in central Newfoundland, customers have traveled from as far away as St. John’s (a 3.5 hour drive) to sell their scrap to Central Metals.  According to Ralph’s daughter Jennifer Templeman, the business’ honesty is what sets them apart from the competition.   Customers are always paid a fair price for their scrap and her team works efficiently to process a large amount of scrap each year. 

Central Metals is a member of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI) and they have been participating in Switch Out since 2009 because it’s good for the environment.  The team uses the educational materials provided by Switch Out to identify mercury-containing end-of-life vehicles and to date they have prevented over 60 grams of mercury from entering the environment.  Jennifer says that recycling is a rewarding business and likes that Central Metals can clean up the environment and make a profit at the same time.  Switch Out commends Central Metals on their regular program participation and wishes them continued success!

Island Auto Supply – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

In 1966, Harvey Livingston saw a need to process the vehicles in his area. Fourty-six years later, with 20 employees and 57 acres of land, Island Auto Supply is PEI’s largest supplier of used and new aftermarket parts and automotive replacement parts.

As a member of ARAAC, Island Auto Supply is dedicated to advancing the auto recycling industry on the east coast.  They believe that a modern business philosophy and strict environmental management is key to staying ahead of the game. With up-to-date part locator systems and an extensive selection of parts in their U-pull yard, Island Auto Supply takes pride in serving their customers to the best of their ability. Harvey is confident that his team has found a balance between benefiting their customers, supporting the industry, and protecting the environment.

Island Auto Supply demonstrates its strong commitment to protecting the environment by participating in Switch Out.  Harvey’s team processes 700-800 vehicles per year and although only 5% of these vehicles are model year 2003 or older, Island Auto Supply takes advantage of every opportunity to participate in the program. Since 2009, the team has recovered 376 mercury switches and kept 320 grams of mercury out of the environment.  Great job, your efforts are truly commendable!

Capital City Auto Parts – Fredericton, New Brunswick

Merv Langille and his employees at Capital City Auto Parts started recycling and selling used auto parts on their 30 acre lot in October, 1982.  Son Bob Langille is the current owner and for over 15 years, the team has boasted the same 10 staff members who are often referred to as family members.  As a close-knit business, they continue to do what they do best – serve their community successfully as the “neighborhood friendly parts shop”.   Today, they process as many as 600 vehicles per year.

Capital City Auto Parts is committed to the Switch Out program and the team has collected an impressive 935 mercury switches to date!  Although only 30 per cent of the vehicles they process are model year 2003 or older, this auto recycler continues to demonstrate strong participation in the program.

Capital City Auto Parts keeps up to date with environmental research and they do not take the issue of mercury waste lightly.  This is why they feel highly motivated to participate in the Switch Out program.  Creative incentives such as bonuses are often given to employees that demonstrate continual efforts in removing and collecting mercury switches.  From our team to theirs, we commend Capital City Auto Parts for their ongoing participation in the Switch Out program.

Pièces d‘autos usagées M. Labrosse Inc. – Saint-Rémi-d'Amherst, Québec

Jonathan and Mélissa Labrosse proudly carry on their father Mario’s legacy by serving their community as not only an auto recycler but an auto parts sales centre as well.  Since 1983, loyal customers have chosen Pièces d‘autos usagées M. Labrosse Inc. because of the wide variety of new, old, and antique auto parts available at their 70 acre lot.
The Labrosse siblings and their 5 employees are especially diligent when it comes to removing mercury switches, as most of the vehicles they process are model year 2003 or earlier. According to co-owner Mélissa, the decision to participate in Switch Out was an obvious and responsible choice for them. The team at Pièces d‘autos usagées M. Labrosse demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment by recycling as much as possible from the 1,000 ELVs they process each year. 

Since 2008, Pièces d‘autos usagées M. Labrosse have collected over 350 mercury switches and have kept close to 300 grams of mercury out of the environment.  Thanks to the team at Pièces d‘autos usagées M. Labrosse for your ongoing and commendable efforts in Switch Out!

Alpi’s Truck and Auto Parts – Abbotsford, BC

The team at Alpi’s Truck and Auto Parts have been recycling import and domestic truck, van and SUV parts for the past 15 years.  This 4 acre facility was founded in 1997 by Tate Viani and has grown to process over 400 vehicles per year.

Although 90% of the vehicles processed at Alpi’s Truck and Auto Parts are late model trucks, the four person staff always checks for mercury switches when a vehicle arrives onsite.  Manager Rob Mott explains that his team sees switch removal as an integral part of the recycling process as well as an important step to protect the environment.  To this end, Alpi’s is actively pursuing gold standard certification through AREA – the BC-based Automotive Recyclers’ Environmental Association.

The Switch Out team salutes Alpi’s for their ongoing participation in the program.

Cookstown Auto Centre – Cookstown, ON

Cookstown Auto has been providing green recycled parts and rebuildable vehicles to clients in Simcoe County and the Greater Toronto Area for over 45 years. Together with his family, John Bucko has grown the business into a thriving wholesale and retail operation that processes 3,500 to 5,000 ELVs each year.

This 35 acre yard in the Ontario countryside just south of Barrie is dedicated to superior service. Cookstown’s fleet of delivery trucks assures unmatched service to wholesale clients within a 100 km radius while their U-Pick-It business allows customers to save up to 40% on the cost of parts. If a part can’t be found on site, Cookstown’s computerized parts locating service will track it down.

In addition to customer service, Cookstown has a long standing commitment to environmental excellence.  Staff member Rob Freeborn checks each vehicle for automotive mercury switches and has been instrumental in Cookstown’s strong performance in the Switch Out program.  Since  joining Switch Out in 2008, this facility has recovered almost 4,000 mercury switches and kept an impressive 3.4 kgs of mercury out of the environment. Keep up the great work Cookstown Auto Centre!



Kreutzer Metals Ltd. – Oak Lake, MB

Kreutzer Metals Ltd. has come a long way since the yard first opened in 1990.  Reg Kreutzer has grown his business from a one man operation to a thriving 12 acre recycling facility that processes 7,000 - 8,000 tonnes of scrap steel each year and employs 10 staff to keep up with the demand.

Since installing a truck scale at the facility in 2011, Reg and his team have seen business triple.  Customers en route to the municipal landfill will often stop at Kreutzer Metals to drop off their washers, dryers, freezers and even farm equipment.  End of life vehicles (ELVs) continue to represent large part of the scrap steel supply and this facility processes between 1,500 and 2,000 ELVs each year.

Kreutzer Metals is dedicated to meeting the highest environmental standards and they take pride in the fact that their yard scored 96% on an independent environmental audit to qualify for the Retire Your Ride program.  Since joining Switch Out in 2009, they have collected a total of 455 mercury switches and kept over 385 grams of mercury out of the environment.   New staff are taught the importance of switch removal during company orientation, and Switch Out posters are displayed proudly in each dismantling area.  Switch Out would like to thank the whole team at Kreutzer for their strong program participation and their commitment to mercury-free scrap steel.

Popow & Sons – Lacombe, AB

Auto recycling is truly a family affair at Popow & Sons.  This Lacombe, Alberta institution has been providing auto wrecking, body shop and towing services to the community for over 65 years.  Victor Popow opened the doors to this presently 12 acre facility in 1960 and sons Leo and Robert and daughter-in-law Donna followed in his footsteps. 

Today the 4th generation has started working for the family business which recycles between 600 and 1,000 ELVs each year.  Although they mainly process newer vehicles, the team is always vigilant about checking for mercury switches.  According to manager Kelly Popow, switches are pulled when the engine is removed, and each car is re-checked for switches before crushing.

This diligence has paid off and the company has an impressive record of participation in the Switch Out program.  Since 2008, Popow & Sons have collected 906 mercury switches and kept 770 grams of mercury out of the environment.  Thanks to all the staff at Popow’s for your exemplary participation in the Switch Out program!



Southside Auto Wreckers – Weyburn, SK

The Bourassa family has been recycling end of life vehicles in Saskatchewan for almost 60 years.  In 1953, Roland and Anna Bourassa opened the family’s first yard in Radville, a small community south of Regina.

The Bourassas moved to a yard in Weyburn, SK in 1987 and they haven’t looked back since. Roland and Anna had a large family, and 5 of their 14 children decided to follow in their parents’ footsteps and join the family business. Southside Auto Wreckers is owned today by three Bourassa brothers – Don, Ed and Emile and two of their siblings are part of the full-time staff.

Southside processes between 1,000 and 1,500 ELVs each year and they take pride in the fact that there has never been an environmental issue at their yard.  The Bourassas were early adopters of environmental practices and they have been removing automotive mercury switches since the 1980’s.  Since joining Switch Out, they have kept over 158 grams of mercury out of the environment.  Don Bourassa explains that his staff follow a checklist when decommissioning each ELV and that switch removal is an essential step before the parts are inventoried.  Switch Out salutes the team at Southside Auto Wreckers for their program participation and commitment to mercury-free scrap.



Lecavalier Auto Parts – Ste-Sophie, QC

Founded in 1942, Lecavalier Auto Parts currently has five locations and 190 employees. Lecavalier first registered for Switch Out in 2007 and has always maintained an active presence in the program. Since registering, Lecavalier Auto Parts has collected over 500 mercury switches for the Switch Out program, ensuring that this hazardous substance doesn’t pollute the environment or endanger people’s health.

Lecavalier Auto Parts was recently the proud recipient of Quebec’s Phénix de l'Environnement award, which is the highest level of recognition in the province for environmental initiatives and sustainable practices. They were awarded this recognition for their Industrial Visit program, which facilitates educational site visits for students and repair industry professionals to teach them about the environmental benefits of using recycled auto parts.

The Switch Out team would like to congratulate Lecavalier Auto Parts for being chosen as the recipients for this prestigious award. They are setting a great example as environmentally responsible industry leaders and we are proud to have Lecavalier as participants in the Switch Out program!


Island Auto Supply – Charlottetown, PEI

Island Auto Supply has been in business for over 45 years and is one of the main auto recyclers and used parts suppliers in Prince Edward Island. The Island Auto Supply team works hard to ensure that they are always on the forefront of best industry practices, as demonstrated by their long-standing membership in the Car Heaven, Retire Your Ride and Switch Out programs. The team’s dedication to the Switch Out program is evident from the numerous collection pails placed strategically around their yard to ensure every last switch is collected and the proud participant sticker displayed in the front window of their office!

Island Auto Supply’s dedication to ensuring mercury switches are properly sequestered is especially important, given their proximity to Brakley Beach National Park – one of Canada’s natural treasures. Owner Harvey Livingstone and the Island Auto Supply team want to ensure that this beautiful natural area remains unpolluted and pristine for everyone!

The Switch Out team would like to thank Island Auto Supply for their ongoing participation in the Switch Out program.



Newco Metal & Auto Recycling – St. John's, NF

Located in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Newco Metal & Auto Recycling is an active participant in the Switch Out program and committed to the Zero Mercury Purchasing Policy. After joining the program in 2009, manager Paul Abbot made the effort to find out which auto recyclers in the region were actively participating in the Switch Out program. By doing so, Paul helped to ensure that Newco Metal & Auto Recycling would only purchase mercury-free scrap and maintain the company’s commitment to the Zero Mercury Purchasing Policy. They have also found a unique way of engaging employees in the program by providing a complimentary lunch as a reward for the employee who recovers the most switches every month!

Newco Metal & Auto Recycling’s actions have a direct impact on the effort to eliminate mercury contamination that would otherwise affect both people and the environment. By setting a positive example, Newco is leading the way in responsible auto recycling initiatives in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Switch Out would like to acknowledge and commend Newco Metal & Auto Recycling for their sustained dedication to the Switch Out program and Zero Mercury Purchasing Policy.

Newco Metal & Auto Recycling would like to say: “Keep recycling people!"

For more information on this business, please visit www.newcometal.com


Searching for automotive mercury switches? To assist auto recyclers, Car-Part.com has created a user-friendly tool that can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to find automotive convenience lighting switches and ABS assemblies.

This tool came to be when the consummate innovators and creators of the popular Car-Part Messaging tool realized that through their product, they could make life easier for recyclers volunteering their time to recover automotive mercury switches. As a solution, Car-Part.com made the precise locations of convenience lighting switches and ABS assemblies available, based on a search of the year, make and model of the vehicle in question. This easy-to-use tool brings added value to auto recyclers by making it easier to prevent mercury pollution.

Switch Out would like to take a moment to thank Car-Part.com for creating this valuable tool and that helps dedicated auto recyclers prevent mercury pollution.

For more information on this business, please visit www.car-part.com

Hank's Auto Wreckers – St. Clements, Ontario

Hank's Auto WreckersCongratulations to the team at Hank’s Auto Wreckers for successfully keeping 127 grams of mercury from polluting our land, air and water! Located in St. Clements, Ontario, Hank’s Auto Wreckers has been around since 1965 with Hank and Shirley Nissen paving its way. Since then, their company has grown to cover 30 acres, of which approximately 18 acres are being used to process an average of 500 vehicles per year. They recently added an 8,000 sq. ft warehouse and are currently converting an old warehouse to hold three new dismantling bays along with their previous three. With all the new changes taking place, owner Mike Nissen along with the 19 employees at Hank’s still make time to stay true to their company’s mission, which is to “provide customers with the best possible service and value while being conscious stewards to the environment”. Their consciousness is evident not only through their involvement in the Switch Out program, but also through their participation in the national Retire Your Ride program. A big thank you to the team at Hank’s Auto Wreckers for being an active participant and supporter of the Switch Out program from the beginning! For additional information on Hank’s Auto Wreckers, please visit: Hank's Auto Wreckers

Auto Parts Network – Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

Auto Parts NetworkEvery action counts and that’s why it is important to take the time to acknowledge people and businesses that make conscious decisions to do the right thing, especially when they are the first to do it! For this reason, Switch Out would like to recognize Auto Parts Network for having broken new ground in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador to become the first to recovery mercury through the Switch Out program! Through their voluntary participation, they reduce mercury pollution by removing automotive mercury switches. So far they have kept 82 grams of mercury from ending up in our air, lakes and rivers! It is hard to imagine what the environmental impact would be without dedicated recyclers such as Auto Part Network who continue to volunteer their time, effort and manpower to reduce mercury-contamination. Since Auto Parts Network led the way, numerous businesses in the province have come forth and registered to participate in the program.

Auto Parts Network , founded in 1996 by Glenn Hickey, supplies aftermarket sheet metal, mechanical parts, automotive accessories and processes approximately 1200 vehicles per year. Switch Out would like to greatly thank Glen Hickey, the management team (Adam Budden, Paul Fry, Jamie Stevens) and their 25 employees for their major involvement in the last year to keep Canada healthy and mercury-free.
Auto Parts Network.

Blenkhorn's Auto Recyclers Ltd. – Truro, Nova Scotia

Blenkhorn'sBlenkhorn's Auto Recyclers Ltd. in Truro, Nova Scotia was founded in 1965 by Sheldon Blenkhorn and currently processes 450 cars a year. Blenkhorn's is currently owned by Sheldon, his wife Evelyn, son Paul and daughter Shelley. Blenkhorns' mission is to provide affordable vehicle repairs to the public and insurance industry and to recycle every part possible so as to keep waste to a minimum.

Blenkhorn's Auto Recyclers has been participating in the Switch Out since the program started in Nova Scotia and has safely recovered more than 175 switches since September 2007.

In addition to participating in the Switch Out program, Blenkhorn's also works to protect the environment by recycling gasoline for use in their service vehicles and by recycling all transmission and washer fluid, antifreeze and prestones. All of their tires are collected by a rubber recycler and the batteries, copper and aluminum from processed vehicles are sent to a recycling depot. Blenkhorn's is also an active participant in the Car Heaven program. For several years they have worked with their municipality to remove derelict vehicles from people's homes free of charge.

For more information, please visit their website at www.blenkhorn.com. Thank you Blenkhorn's for all if your hard work – Keep it up!

Rush's Auto Parts – Caledonia, Ontario

Rush's Auto PartsOperating in Caledonia, Ontario since 1987, Rush's Auto Parts is a family owned business run by the Tolfa family. Located on 14 acres of land, Rush's is run by Fabio Tofla and processes approximately 3,500 vehicles a year. This featured auto recycler is dedicated to providing high quality recycled parts at a reasonable price while having a minimal impact on the environment.

Rush's Auto Parts has been a proud participant of the Switch Out program since it started in 2001 and has collected more than 810 switches since September 2007. Rush's also works to protect the environment by ensuring that all fluids are drained and recycled using licensed processors. All dismantling is done indoors to ensure that there is no chance of environmental contamination. 

For more information, please visit their website at www.rushsautoparts.com. Thanks for all of your hard work Rush's Auto Parts!

Pieces D'Autos M.S. Inc. – Ste Annes Des Lacs, Quebec

Pieces D'Autos M.S. Inc.Opening an auto parts business was a life-long dream for Pieces D'Autos M.S. Inc. owner and operator Steve Lemm. He remembers being five years of age and crashing matchbox cars with a hammer and gluing them onto a piece of plywood to show his parents. After meeting his wife and co-owner, Manon Jobin, 16 years ago the couple brought his dream to life. This year they are celebrating Pieces D'Autos M.S. Inc.'s 10th anniversary. The operation has grown to include 15 employees and recycled 1,950 vehicles last year.

Pieces D'Autos M.S. Inc. is founded on having fun and working responsibly towards nature. All vehicles are emptied of oils, washer fluid and materials left by the owners before they are safely recycled. Pieces D'Autos M.S. Inc. participates in the Car Heaven program and 1877endoflifevehicles.com, and was integral in introducing Switch Out to the province of Quebec. 

We would like to thank Pieces D'Autos M.S. Inc. for their dedication to the Switch Out program. Keep up the great work in 2008–2009!

Erin Auto Recyclers – Erin, Ontario

Erin Auto Recyclers is a Canadian pioneer in automotive mercury switch recovery. Owned and operated by Rob Smith and Elayne McSkimming, this Erin Township business was the first in Canada to recover mercury switches from ABS breaking assemblies.

Recovering ABS assemblies along with convenience lighting switches is an important achievement because such assemblies often contain three mercury switches that together contain over 2.5 grams of mercury, a harmful neurotoxin. These assemblies can also take more time to find and remove from end of life vehicles than other switches, proving that Erin Auto Recyclers is dedicated to their company mission of "continuously moving forward and improving upon everything that affects the environment and quality of life".

Switch Out would like to congratulate Rob, Elayne and their team of five employees for paving the way and showing that recovering ABS assemblies is part of a thorough environmental stewardship plan. As of September 2009, many other companies across Canada have followed their lead and now collect mercury- containing ABS assemblies along with convenience lighting switches as a part of Switch Out.

For more information on this business, please visit www.erinauto.com

Richmond Steel – Richmond, British Columbia

Richmond Steel, a company of Sims Metal Management, is an example of a business that recently went above and beyond to promote automotive mercury switch recovery and to change the status- quo for the better.

Over the summer of 2009 they executed, in concert with the City of Yellowknife, a processing project that saw hundreds of end of life vehicles in that city prepared for responsible recycling into new steel. They have done similar projects in other remote regions including the Yukon and Alaska in the past. This type of processing and removal project is vital in helping ensure that scrap materials are not left to deteriorate in the environment. It also helps divert thousands of tons of metal from landfills.

Before journeying to Yellowknife, Richmond Steel contacted the Switch Out program for training and collection materials because they wanted to remove mercury switches as a part of their company's commitment to recycle in an environmentally safe manner. Automotive mercury switch removal had never yet taken place in Canada's territories before this initiative and it therefore represents a positive change in the status quo regarding the environment.

Switch Out salutes Richmond Steel and its fifty employees for taking on mercury switch removal and for showing the vital role recycling businesses have in helping to properly manage resources in an environmentally friendly way.

Direct Auto Parts – St. François Xavier, Manitoba

When Switch Out recently expanded to Manitoba, Direct Auto Parts showed its enthusiasm for the program by being the first recycler in the province to sign up.

Founded in 1971, Direct Auto Parts has since grown from a single location in St. François Xavier to include a machine shop location and an installation store, both in Winnipeg. The dismantling yard, now managed by George Shea processes approximately 400 cars per year.

George and the team of 35 staff at Direct Auto are on a mission to support their families and one another while helping the environment by recycling automobiles.

The Switch Out team would like to thank the dedicated employees of Direct Auto for committing to switch removal!

For more information on this recycler, please visit www.directauto.ca.

Foothills Mechanical and Towing – Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Foothills Mechanical and Towing began as an auto repair shop in 1982 and has since evolved into a full service repair, towing and auto recycling business. The employees of Foothills focus on environmentally friendly operations and being profitable by offering efficient, professional and friendly service to their customers.

This year owners Rick and Lani Morrish and Richard and Marlene op den Dries have, along with their 15 employees, managed to safely recover 634 mercury switches, saving the equivalent of over half a kilogram of mercury from entering the environment.

Switch Out salutes the employees of Foothills Mechanical and Towing in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

For more information on this recycler, please call (403) 845-3990.

Kenny Pièces d'Autos – Laval, Québec

Kenny Pièces d'Autos has a long history in the automotive recycling business. Started by M. Alfred Kenny in 1968, the Laval area company now employs 22 people and is owned by American Iron and Metal.

This business' dedication to mercury switch removal also has a long history as they were the first recycler to collect switches with the AQLPA, an association that fights against air pollution in Québec.

Kenny Pièces d'Autos strives to be a North American leader in recycling by banking on fairly priced, quality products, their modern facilities, their personal customer service approach and their concern for the environment. With this in mind, they have successfully removed 7,951 mercury switches since 2005. Congratulations Kenny Pièces d'Autos, you've prevented approximately 6.75 kilograms of mercury from harming the environment!

For more information on this recycler, please visit www.kennypiecesdautos.com.

Amix Salvage & Sales Ltd. – Surrey, British Columbia

Amix Salvage & Sales has been family owned and managed since Ed Jackson began operations in 1971. Now co-managed by Willy Jackson, the company has grown into a 160 employee, four division group comprised of Amix Surrey, Amix Can Am in Cassidy, Amix Heavy Lift and Amix Surplus Steel in Chilliwack. The Amix group currently processes approximately 20,000 cars per year.

The team at Switch Out would like to congratulate the employees at Amix for their dedication to preventing mercury pollution. They have collected 16,171 switches since 2005, which means they have prevented almost 14 kilograms of mercury from entering the environment!

For more information on this recycler please visit www.amix.ca.

Covey's Auto Recyclers –Blandford, Nova Scotia

Covey's Auto Recyclers is a mainstay in Eastern Canadian automotive recycling. Opened in 1960 by Hale Covey, this nearly 50 year-old business is now owned and operated by his son Derek who continues the Covey's legacy of supplying quality, environmentally friendly parts to the automotive market in a timely manner.

Covey's has the proud distinction of having participated in Switch Out since it began operating in Atlantic Canada and in 2008 their 12 employees collected 241 mercury switches. They have also participated in the Steer Clean and Car Heaven programs, demonstrating that Covey's has a top-notch environmental record.

Switch Out salutes Covey's for representing the East Coast with an excellent switch collection record!

For more information on this recycler visit www.coveys.com.