Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) G-Force Sensor Modules

General Procedure for Removing Mercury ABS G-Force Sensor Modules

Important Note: Only the ABS G-Force sensor modules should be removed and collected in the Switch Out containers. ABS wheel speed sensors in wheel units do not contain mercury and should not be removed. ABS G-Force sensor removal instructions for specific vehicle types are listed below.

  • Check for mercury ABS G-Force sensors in these cars and trucks:
    Audi 1987–1993 Audi 100/Avant
      1989–1995 Audi V8
      1987–1991 Audi 200
      1987–1992 Audi Coupe Quattro
      1987–1992 Audi 80/90
    Chrysler 1992–1996 Dodge Stealth 4WD
      1992 Eagle 200 GTX AWD
      1992–2001 Jeep Cherokee
      1993–2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
      1992–1995 Jeep YJ
      1997–2003 Jeep TJ
    Ford 1993–1997 Ford Bronco
      1993–2002 Ford Explorer & Mazda Navajo
      1995–2001 Ford Ranger 4x4 & Mazda B-Series Pickup
      1997–2002 Mercury Mountaineer AWD
    Nissan 1996 Pathfinder 4x4
    Subaru 1990–1995 Legacy AWD with 5MT
      1993–1996 Impreza AWD with 5MT
  • Disconnect the battery.
  • Locate the ABS G-Force sensor module on the vehicle (varies on different vehicles). ABS G-Force sensor module locations include: the drive tunnel, below the rear seat on the floor pan, on the right front wheel apron, and on the left frame rail right below the driver.
  • Remove the ABS G-Force sensor module and place the entire sensor module in the Switch Out collection container. Replace the lid on the container.

NOTE: The ABS G-Force sensor module contains either two or three mercury switch capsules embedded in the casing. Do not attempt to remove the mercury switch capsules from the sensor module.

Diagram: Location of ABS mercury switches

List of vehicles that contain mercury ABS sensor modules 100 KB

Detailed removal instructions for mercury ABS sensor modules for specific vehicle types

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Switch removal demonstrations are available on the Video page